After my Interviews

My interviews at Holy Family Home went great! In my pre-interview post I told you that I would be interviewing a resident named Nancy. That changed when I arrived, and I was instead paired up with a lovely woman named Maureen. I also interviewed a Little Sister of the Poor, Sister Elizabeth.

Sister Elizabeth

The actual interviews were different from my expectations, in a good way. I thought that there may be many awkward pauses or lack of conversation topics. But both Maureen and Sister Elizabeth were wonderful conversationalists and gave me several minutes of quality content.

I learned about the personal lives of both of these women, as well as well as how they both found themselves at the Holy Family Home. Beyond there own personal experiences and lives, I came to understand the greater culture of this holy, dignified, and inspiring place.


I am happy with the way the interviews ran. One thing I may have done differently was adjust the camera position further back in one of the interviews to compensate for the interviewee shifting around a bit. At times, the camera cuts off the top of her head, but I am still satisfied with the footage that I obtained.

I am very excited to edit these interviews down into smaller segments as a part of my larger story. Combining text, audio, video, and graphics will help tell the story of this special place that cares for the elderly poor as Jesus would.


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