Distinct Scenes from Detailed Notes






Scene 1- ACTION!

Two young women make their way from the dining hall to the outside courtyard area. On the left is a tall, blond haired woman. She is wearing a blue nike, long sleeve pull over. She also is wearing yellow running shorts and matching yellow nike shoes. She carries a black backpack. In her hand is an Iphone with a pink case. On the right is a shorter woman, also with blond hair. She is wearing a tan blouse and jean shorts.

The two walk at the same pace across the lounge area. They are discussing some event that they both attended. Due to the brief nature of my encounter with them passing by, I am not sure exactly what the event is. The taller woman states, ” It was fun, I would go again.” The shorter woman nods and looks at her phone.

Right before they reach the upward steps to go outside, the shorter woman looks up from her phone to gain her bearings before going up the steps. The two walk up the steps at the same pace.

At the top of the steps, they are met by two women entering the student center. The four greet each other and pause in motion to their respective locations. They laugh. The exact content of their conversation is unclear due to the distance and volume of their voices.

The taller women shows the other three something on her phone. They all laugh and engage in further conversation. The shorter woman continues to laugh longer than the rest. All four of the women quickly say “see you later,” before going on their way out the door or up to the upper level of the student center.

Scene 2- ACTION!

An older man walks through the atrium of the second floor of an academic building. It was a warm day, but he is dressed for a crisp fall morning. He looks to be about sixty years of age. He wears a brown, formal hat, with a white band surrounding it. He carries a worn, brown briefcase. A yellow sheet of paper peeks out from within it.

He is so focused, not on an object, but on moving. He moves swiftly through the atrium, not paying attention to much around him. He stares at the door to which he will soon depart.

His skin appears similar to the leather of his briefcase and speckled by a gray hairs. His blue suit looks freshly dry-cleaned, and his tie is a cross between purple and blue. A silver tie clip keeps his tie fastened to his red white shirt.

And just like that, he exits the door, with his put together outfit, and briefcase in hand, moving to the next location, until he must focus again on moving elsewhere.



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