Habermas Illustrated: The Public Sphere

Drawing is not a strong suite of mine. I prefer to stick to writing. Perhaps the same could be said about Habermas. His piece on, “The Public Sphere,” has a plethora of important points, and I did my best to include them in this drawing.

I illustrated the sphere as a welcoming place to all citizens, where the individual can become part of a public body.  This body serves to share opinions, free from restrictions. People in the sphere behave differently then they would outside of the sphere with regards to how they speak and  the level to which personal opinion is expressed.

In my illustration, the characters within the sphere are holding means of expression including a newspaper, phone, and computer. This is where connection, and generation of public opinion is carried out. All of their ideas and expressions are connected into one entity, illustrated as one brain at the top of my drawing.

The word that encompasses this sphere is, “Freedom.” Through collaboration, strength in numbers, and thoughtful opinion, the public can be free and simultaneously powerful.

On the other side of the of the “Public Sphere Fence” is the state, illustrated through flags, policies, and intimidating pointing fingers. This entity naturally wants control. Their policies and powunnamed-2er do not overlap with the public sphere according to Habermas. As a result of the lack of cohesion between parties, the public sphere becomes a mediator between the state and the rest of society. Here both parties can come to terms with public opinion and state policy. I illustrated this through the door bell which says, “ring bell to mediate.” Cooperation between these parties is the only way to achieve both a happy society and stable state.




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