Hair Observations

I am tasked with describing a random student center users hair:

A dining hall worker walked by me during my time in the student center. He had very short black hair. It was tight to his head and groomed well. It is clear that his man takes time to care for his hair. It featured waves in it, I assume from brushing. The hairline was tapered closely around his ears. The back of it went higher up his forehead than most.

All of this hair was contained by a hair net that he must be required to wear. The hairnet was black and blended in with his hair. It spanned from the middle of his forehead to the back of his head. The elastic rested on his ears. His head was large and the net looked tight around his head. It looked like there may be three lines shaved horizontally by his ears, but the hairnet restricts this view.

He also had a beard, much longer than the hair on top of his head. The beard was a bit lighter in color than the hair on his head. It also did not have a pattern. It grew directly out from his face. It was trimmed on the bottom to about his Adams apple. A hairnet was around the beard as well.

The hairnet contained the beard and suppressed it back into his face. The seam in the hairnet pushed the beard into two distinct sections. The seam was focused more to the right, making left section of the beard appear larger. There was no mustache, just a beard. If he had a mustache, he may be required to have the hairnet cover that as well, restricting his speaking or breathing,

The beard of this worker must also encompass the smells of the environment in which he works, just as clothes do. While spending time in this space, my clothes begin to smell like the dining hall. I wonder if the same principleĀ applies to more voluminous facial hair that rests near the nose area. It is evident that this worker pays attention to the styling of his hair. He must value having a beard if he complies with the standard to cover it with a hairnet.


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