Preparing for Interviews

Tomorrow (Friday, October 20th) I have two interviews at the Holy Family Home. I will be interviewing one resident, named Nancy. She lives in the assisted living section of the facility. I was told she was very excited to speak with me.

I will also be interviewing one of the sisters. I am not sure who exactly that will be yet. But, I am sure they are all well spoken and can speak passionately about their work and environment.

These interviews were set up my the activities director at the home. She will help me with my “lookings” assignment at a later date. This person will be able to show me around the building and see it in a “new way.”

I am excited to put my oral history interview techniques into practice tomorrow. Thompson says that oral histories bring generations together. Tomorrows interviews will do this in two ways. I will physically be brought together with another generation. Then, my video product can work to bring those who watch it together.

I plan on making my interviews completely conversational. I am working now to plan out some topics that I want to speak about, but I will let the conversation guide itself.

For my interview with Nancy, I hope to discuss her personal history, how she ended up at the home, and how she feels about living there. Understanding Nancy’s past is a major interest of mine. I want to know her view on the neighborhood she lives in, the sisters and caretakers, and her fellow residents.

For my interview with the sister, I want to understand who she was before she was a sister. I plan on talking about how she came to the decision to join this order of women who do such great work. I am hoping to understand her relationship with the other sisters, how they delegate tasks, and what life is like living at Holy Family Home. I am also eager to hear her daily duties, and if she ever has time to leave the home. During both interviews, I am hoping to find a common theme that unites them together.

I am excited to report back on my findings with my “post-visit” blog! Stay tuned.



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