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Before one is in the housing market for themselves as a professional, they are often in the market of finding somewhere to live while enrolled in college. This post goes out to all of my fellow classmates in Communication Theory and Practice, to dive into all the housing and options of real estate available to students at Saint Joseph’s University at all different ages.


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Upon coming to campus freshman year there are four options all having their own pros and cons. The four freshman dorms are McShain, Villager, Sourin, and LaFarge.

McShain Hall

I lived in McShain during my freshman year so let’s start with that “real estate location.” Located on the Merion Station side of campus, it has much to offer. All of the rooms are typical double rooms with communal bathrooms with about 30 people on each wing. Males and females are split within each of the four floors, with classrooms in the middle, each having their own lounge as well If you have a lot of classes on the Merion side of campus, it is convenient. If you have to go to the other side of campus there is a bridge crossing over City Avenue for easy access. I enjoyed my freshman living experience here.

Click here for more information on McShain Hall.

Villiger Hall

Villiger is the flagship spot for freshman housing on campus. It seems like everyone wants to live there, because it is so new, opening just in 2012. Villager looks like a hotel from the outside. Sitting on the corner of Cardinal and City avenues, Villager Hall has top notch architecture and style. As far as the room setup, it is the same as McShain. The rooms themselves feel larger because they have higher ceilings. Villager is a great option for freshman housing.

Click here for more information on Villager Hall. 

Lafarge Hall — Sourin Hall

Lafarge and Sourin are the older freshman dorms on campus at SJU. They are suite style dorms. This means that there are double rooms with a shared bathroom and common room in the middle. I’ve noticed that the people in these suites form a great sense of community.

Click here for more information on Lafarge Hallinformation on Sourin Hall

Upper Classman Housing

The upper classmen housing is far more diverse and varied than the underclassman options. There are several campus houses and apartments throughout the 114 acre campus. Speaking of the 114 acre campus, it was not always 114 acres. Saint Joseph’s University has been involved in some very significant real estate transactions over the past twenty years. The Merion side of campus, also known as the McGuire side, was once the site of a private high school, Episcopal Academy. Here is an article from 2003, highlighting the massive purchase, almost doubling the size of the University. This purchase costed about 50 million dollars, which included some significant government funding. This was by far the largest real estate investment the University undertook in its storied history.

The Campus houses include the following links. These are great options that also seem to create a sense of community. These houses are for lack of a better word, sprinkled, throughout the campus. All possessing a significant amount of history, just as the university has history.

Saint Mary’s Hall

Jordan Hall

St. Albert’s Hall

Xavier Hall

Hogan Hall

Sullivan Hall

Quirk Hall

Tara Hall

As far as campus apartments are concerned there are plenty of great options

Click on the links below to get more information on all the campus apartments


Merion Gardens

Lancaster Courts

Lannon Hall

Rashford Hall



Moore Hall 

All of these buildings are on the older side with the exception of Lannon and Rashford Halls. The apartments come in varying setups and configurations. Pennbrook is a great option if you want to get that “off campus” feel with all of the benefits of campus housing. A draw back of being so far from campus in places like Pennbrook, Lancaster Courts, and Merion Gardens is the unreliability of getting to campus on the shuttle, and the long cold walks that come along with winter weather.

The most recent significant real estate acquisition at Saint Joseph’s University was the purchase of the Cardinal’s residence for approximately 10 million dollars. The building was namely, built originally for the Archbishop or Cardinal of Philadelphia to reside in. It is undoubtedly a mansion, and is a fantastic face for the SJU admissions department. The school newspaper, “The Hawk,” covered the significance of this real estate and its role on campus.  The Catholic news agency also covered this huge transaction, with this insightful article.

As we have covered so many times, everyone becomes involved in real estate at one time or another- both individuals and large scale organizations such as Universities. What kind of large real estate transactions have you heard of lately? Let us know, because this is an open house of real estate.


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