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Throughout my entire life I have had an interest in real estate, particularly residential real estate. I am proposing the idea to study the topic further, at both local and national levels throughout the course of this semester.  This includes topics ranging from mortgages to curb appeal. The question posed in the assignment description asking,

“what I would rather be doing right now?”

helped me immensely in choosing my topic. The first thing that came to my mind was selling houses along the Jersey Shore. The topic appeals to me greatly because everyone becomes involved in purchasing or renting a property at some point in his or her lifetime. Namely, everyone needs somewhere to live.

I have several post-graduate aspirations that I am using this time in college to decide between. Real estate is among one of the top contenders and I see this project as a great opportunity to delve further into the topic. This is a fabulous opportunity for self-education and self -improvement. I intend to get my real estate license within the next year and this will help me in preparing myself for that. College students have aspirations that cannot always be found precisely within the university setting. An accounting major may want to work for Disney, a history major may want to work for The U.S Government, a Psychology major may want to work in education, or a Communications major may want to pursue a career in real estate. This project allows for creativity, freedom, and above all, real life learning.  There are a plethora of routes to discuss and study within real estate throughout the semester because there are so many subtopics in categories both complex and fun.

For example, I may study and write about sophisticated topics such as construction, mortgages, or government. Real estate also has more relatable topics to study such as open houses, photography, how to increase property values, or marketing. The list is flexible, which, again, makes this an appealing topic for me.

The public for this topic is far and wide because as previously noted, almost everyone becomes involved in real estate, whether they like it or not, at some point in life. I think that my public will become more obvious to me once I start creating and forming my site it into its own. Perhaps it will appeal to college students who are also interested in making a career in real estate. Saint Joseph’s University has a Real Estate Society made up of students. There is also a branch of the Alumni association that works in connecting Saint Joseph’s students with alumni that are in the field. Perhaps my writing may appeal to professionals in the industry looking for a more modern perspective on the topic. One thing is for sure, the public for my website will be people interested in finding out new things about housing, money, and living.

Of course, I will not be the first or the last to discuss the topic. There is an abundance of articles and websites dedicated to the study and interest of real estate. For example, biggerpockets.com is an online real estate magazine. This informal website has short articles that get down to the roots of ideas of the industry. This website also has a forum with over one million posts. The reviews on the website describe the forum as, “Facebook for real estate.”  This website offers a unique platform for people across the country to get questions answered by others in the industry and get work done.

Another website discussing the topic is realtor.com. This website is the hub for all things real estate.  Here one can find news, listings, videos, entertainment, and interactive searches. These searches help consumers find agents and properties.  Realtor.com is practical in that is allows for easy navigation through available listings, and fun because it has articles about celebrity housing and other trending topics. Most people are newsy and want to know how much high profile people are selling their houses for. There is also an advice column, which has a wide array of articles such as when to buy a house and mistakes to avoid when investing.  This website is unique because it is a “one stop shop,” for the topic.

Realtytoday.com, namely, focuses on the topic as well.  Similarly to the previous mentioned websites, realtytoday.com features articles on tending topics ranging from buying and selling, to home and design. This platform has the appearance of a pop-culture website which adds a unique twist to the topic in making it relatable to people of different backgrounds.

On a more realistic and business platform is realtor.org. This is a professional network of individuals, belonging to the National Association of Realtors, dedicated to selling real estate. This site features articles and gives people in the industry ways to further education and resources to become better professionals.

One person individually, whose writings and studies can be found in many of the above listed mediums, is Jonathan Smoke. He is an economist who writes about the real estate market. He brings a financial spin to his writing, which makes him credible. His persuasive and informed way of writing helps educate the community in an effective way.

My writing will be different from anyone else’s because my perspective on the topic is one of a new generation. I view buying and selling as puzzle of which to solve. The market is tied into so many aspects of life and the smallest details of a property can make or break a deal. I will aim to view the topic from multiple perspectives: as a professional, a client, and an enthusiast. The psychology and marketing involved in real estate also is of great interest to me.

I plan to bring all of these things to the table this semester in hopes of creating a blog full of breadth, knowledge, and integrity.


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